About Us

10 Years of Experience

in metal fabrication & constructions Business

Melad Group was formed in 1997 as a metal fabrication company and has been producing steel structures and metal items for a variety of applications. These manufactured products include hinges, brackets, bridges, electricity pylons, ornamental gates and fences, tanks and silos. We are a family business . we do foot bridges, car bridges, fuel tanks, frames and trusses, hinges handrail bracket, corner bracing and any other customized steel structure.

Melad for metal industrial established in 1997. It’s our first company. It’s located at Al Minia in Upper Egypt. Our factory area is around 10000 m3. Our employee are 120 Person.

It is specialized in manufacture steel structure such as foot bridge, car bridge, tanks, trusses, frames, towers, for forge doors, CNC decor sheets, and any steel structure with any design.

Al Ahram co. established in 2004. It is an Egyptian engineering and construction contractor primarily focused on infrastructure, industrial and high-end commercial projects in Egypt.It’s specialized in construction in many field.

We complete our metal work and do construction to make one perfect project.
we take the project from A to Z.

E3M founded in 2014. In order to export to Europe and all over the world. Under the umbrella of Melad Group.our factory area start with 500 m3 then extend to 5000 m3 .Our employee are 60 person .

E3M specialized in press part such as handrail bracket , butt hinges , corner braces , tee hinges , straight and cranked hook and bands, Brandon padlock bolts , or any design as client ask.