We are a family owned group of companies that have specialised in three distinct areas, these being metal construction, construction contracting and metal components manufacturing.

The company was formed in 1997 by Melad Abd El-Sayad Ibrahim. As a qualified mechanical engineer who had previously worked for large companies both in Egypt and abroad, he formed this company with the aim of providing necessary infrastructural improvements within Egypt.

Today Melad Group customers span many sectors, including large utilities such as power and water, storage products for food and oil, products for civil construction, decorative steel work and security fencing for buildings, as well as door and gate furniture.

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Melad for Metal Industries is located in El Minya, located in Upper Egypt. The factory area is approximately 10,000 square metres, and employs 120 people.
Products include bridges for both pedestrians and automobiles, storage tanks, electricity pylons, frames and trusses, gates, fences and various decorative metal structures.

Al Ahram was established in 2004 to provide both engineering and construction expertise to support clients who are focussed on large scale infrastructure and high end commercial projects. Working with both private and public sector clients, our aim is to be able to provide both technical advice, as well as high quality products to ensure smooth delivery as well a one-stop solution of customers projects.

E3M was established in 2014 to manufacture door and handrail furniture such as hinges, bolts, brackets and corner braces for both the domestic and export markets. From this factory we currently employ 60 people but we are expanding at a very fast pace.


Message from the Chairman

The MeladGroup are proud to celebrate over twenty years in providing products and services which have contributed to the development and improvements in Egyptian infrastructure.

From humble beginnings, MeladGroup are now market leaders in the manufacture of metal construction products, using latest generation machinery and equipment. We also export a range of high quality metal components.

Our commitment to ensuring that our customer’s expectations are fulfilled and indeed exceeded, remains our first priority.

We are also continually reviewing our internal management systems to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency is maintained, without jeopardising the safety of our workforce. Our staff are our strength and we will also ensure that they are regularly trained to meet the challenges of new technical innovations and to maintaining our quality standards, for which we are respected.